Ten80 Student Racing Challenge is becoming the
National STEM League.

The National STEM League "NSL" features the same exemplary curriculum and support network.  Its new structure is even better at highlighting the opportunities for ALL students to engage and succeed in STEM.

New Website Update

Ten80 Education and National STEM League websites are still under construction; however, at this VERY moment you can view the new look and find new information at  In case you are new to the Parallax style of website, here is a hint.  Scroll down.

National STEM League Overview

View or download a National STEM League Overview and watch this space for more information!

Changing the Equation

Change the EChange the Equationquation (CTEq) has named Ten80's Student Racing Challenge one of four "Exemplary & Scalable" STEM initiatives.  

Check out the press release.



STEM Curriculum, Courses, Camps & Optional Competition

Project-Based Learning that Doesn't Forget the Learning

The Ten80 Student Racing Challenge is Project Based Learning that Doesn’t Forget the Learning. In many ways, business, engineering, R&D and politics are team sports.  Ten80 Education’s team set out over 15 years ago to help students learn the skills to thrive in a team-oriented atmosphere while also learning why mathematics and physics are "pretty" helpful.

Through the Ten80 Student Racing Challenge, middle and high school students who have a variety of interests organize, operate and OWN their own STEM company or team. Young men and women, supported by a community of mentors and educators, collaborate and create in ways that mirror business & marketing executives, engineers, technicians, green transportation designers and professional sports teams. 

In 2013-14, there are two challenges to choose from. 

  1. Motorsports Team similar to Don Schumacher Racing or Hendrick Motorsports
  2. Robotic Rover Team similar to those at NASA and in the U.S. Army

In 2014-15, the National STEM League invites students to own one of four types of teams.

  1. Racing Challenge
  2. Rover Challenge
  3. Energy Challenge
  4. Innovation Challenge

The curriculum for classrooms, clubs and camps is aligned to Common Core for mathematics and ELA as well as to the Next Generation Science Standards Frameworks for middle and high school students. (learn more about the curriculum...).

Collaborate. Create.  If you Choose to...Compete.

Teams interact and compete with other teams in two ways: (1) through a web based forum and points race and (2) at face-to-face events and competitions  (learn more about the optional competition…).

Professionalism as Performing Art.    

Ten80 believes that being a true professional is like a performing art, regardless of the career path.  Like any performing art, being a professional can only be mastered through practice. Musicians practice before taking the stage. Athletes practice for years before hitting the big leagues. Future professionals should not be expected to perform at a professional level never having actually played the game. We believe it is our job, as successful members of our communities, to provide a development and practice league for future professionals. We’re doing that through the Student Racing Challenge and invite you to get involved too (see how to get involved…).

This ideal is now formalized in the national learning standards.  Check out this image showing the overlap between mathematics, science and ELA standards.